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The quality is good.  It has been used for 4 months now by a rough and tough 9 year old.  To my surprise the cord has not shorted out and the mic still looks great, professional, and stylish.  Great build quality.  Would definitely buy again for a karaoke or something of the sort.
   Carol Rendon
Girls love them. Fit great
   Marissa Dulce Collado
I love Bon Jovi... I was excited to watch the DVD.... a lot of great footage from the late 80's early 90's....definitely worth getting it.
   Jennie Jones
I've only used these tomatoes once for making marinara sauce and it's very good.  I like the texture of crushed tomatoes and they do have a nice flavor.  Hoping to try them again to make pizza sauce.
   Jacqueline Höfer
Fits my pup perfect and was delivered on time!
   Andrew Martin

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