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Josh Henstock
   Bought this for myself....I wear a women's size M in a shirt so the kids XL fits just great....and cheaper!
Luly LulySkii Ocasio
   Perfect fit - will get a lot of use this fall when the weather chills finally!
Jarica Rink
   Love these old fashioned shorts.  Comfortable.  Great Value for price
Laurentiu Stoica
   Hooked it up to a guitar amp for a cheap PA system and it worked great.
Gie Eboña Manuel
   Used this sheet on Dream On Me 3" Extra Firm Portable Crib Mattress, 100% Bedbug Free, White.  Fits perfectly.
Cauê Lima
   Seriously one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned. And they look amazing, too!

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